34th Solar Physics Division Meeting, June 2003
Session 4 Corona II
Poster, Monday, June 16, 2003, 3:30-5:00pm, Mezzanine

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[4.05] Exploration of Stability Regime for Coronal Loops with Asymmetric Footpoint Heating

J.F. Boyd, M.A. Weber, E.E. DeLuca, A.A. Van Ballegooijen (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

We use an iterative code developed by Van Ballegooijen and Hussain to compute steady state solutions of the hydrodynamic equations for a one-dimensional coronal loop model with asymmetric footpoint heating. We vary the loop length and heating scale height to construct a two-dimensional parameter space similar to that of Aschwanden et al. (2001). This parameter space contains a boundary that divides a regime where steady state solutions exist from the regime where there are no steady state solutions. In this poster we vary the heating scale height and explore the onset of instability using a state-of-the-art adaptive mesh code called FLASH to solve the time-dependent hydrodynamic equations for the one-dimensional coronal loop model with asymmetric footpoint heating.

TRACE is supported by contract NAS5-38099 from NASA to LMATC.

The software used in this work was in part developed by the DOE-supported ASCI/Alliance Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes at the University of Chicago.

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