34th Solar Physics Division Meeting, June 2003
Session 20 Instrumentation
Poster, Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 3:30-5:00pm, Mezzanine

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[20.20] Inverting Scintillometer Array Data to Estimate Cn2(h) for the ATST Site Survey

F. Hill (NSO), M. Collados (IAC)

One of the instruments developed for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST) site survey is a non-redundant array of six scintillometers known as a ShaBaR (SHAdow BAnd Ranging) system, developed by J. Beckers. The ShaBaR provides an estimate of Cn2(h), the turbulence structure function, in the Earth's atmosphere. We can use the estimate of Cn2(h) to infer the value of r0, the Fried parameter, at any height above the ground up to the maximum range of the ShaBaR. In this poster, we present two methods of extracting the estimates by 1) inverting the data via a kernel function derived from the theory of atmospheric turbulence, and 2) assuming a modified Hufnagel-Valley model of Cn2(h). We also show a series of simulations that has been produced and used to test the accuracy and precision of the methods.

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