AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 42 Quasars and Active Galaxies

Poster, Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 10:00am-6:45pm, West Exhibit Hall

42.01 Modeling the Evolution of Radio Galaxies of the Quasar Era and the Role of these Galaxies in Triggering Star Formation
M. A. Osterman, P. J. Wiita, P. Barai (GSU), Gopal-Krishna (NCRA/TIFR)
42.02 A Composite Extreme Ultraviolet QSO Spectrum from FUSE
J. E. Scott, G. A. Kriss (STScI), M. Brotherton (U. Wyoming), R. F. Green (NOAO/KPNO), J. Hutchings (HIA/NRC), J. M. Shull (U. Colorado), W. Zheng (JHU)
42.03 Relative Orientations of Seyfert Mass Outflows and Associated Galactic Disks
R. P. Deo, D. M. Crenshaw (GSU)
42.04 Mapping the Kinematics of the Narrow-Line Region in NGC 4151
V.D. Das, D.M. Crenshaw (GSU)
42.05 The X-ray Power Density Spectrum of 3C 120
K. Marshall, H. R. Miller (Georgia State U.), A. P. Marscher (Boston U.)
42.06 An Atlas of Warm AGN and Starbursts from the IRAS Deep Fields
W.C. Keel, (U. Ala.), B.K. Irby (EER Systems), M.H.K. de Grijp, G.K. Miley (Leiden), D. Golombek (STScI)
42.07 A Compact Symmetric Object in a Radio-Quiet Quasar?
J.S. Ulvestad (NRAO), R.R.J. Antonucci (UCSB), R. Barvainis (NSF)
42.08 On the Vertical Structure of Radiation-Supported Accretion Disks
N. J. Turner (UCSB)
42.09 Obscured and Unobscured AGN in the GOODS Fields
E. Treister, E.T. Chatzichristou, C.M. Urry (Yale U.), A.M. Koekemoer (STScI), D.M. Alexander, F.E. Bauer (Penn State U.), C.J. Conselice (Caltech), P. Padovani (STScI)
42.10 HI Absorption towards Compact Steep Spectrum Radio Sources
C.J. Salter (NAIC, Arecibo Observatory, USA), S Jeyakumar (Physikaliche Institut, Koeln, Germany), D.J. Saikia (NCRA, TIFR, India), T Ghosh (NAIC, Arecibo Observatory, USA), J Stutzki (Physikaliches Institut, Koeln, Germany)
42.11 ROSAT and ASCA Observations of the Narrow-Line SEYFER 1 GALAXY RXJ0136.9-3510 : Blueshifted Fe K\alpha Line and Extended Soft X-Ray Emission
K. Ghosh, D. A. Swartz (USRA, NASA/MSFC/NSSTC), A. F. Tennant (NASA/MSFC/NSSTC), W. Kinwah (MSSL, University College of LOndon, UK)
42.12 Chandra Observations of Point Sources in Abell 2255
N.A. Miller (NRC/NASA GSFC), D.S. Davis (UMBC), R.F. Mushotzky (NASA GSFC)
42.13 The Large Scale X-ray Jet in 3C 279
H.L. Marshall (MIT CSR), T. Cheung (Brandeis), C.R. Canizares (MIT CSR), T. Fang (CMU)
42.14 X-ray variability in the Chandra Deep Field South
M. Paolillo, E. J. Schreier (STScI), R. Giacconi (Johns Hopkins University), A. M. Koekemoer (STScI), N. A. Grogin (Johns Hopkins University)
42.15 Optical Observations of Quasar X-Ray Jets
J. M. Gelbord, H. L. Marshall, B. Miller (MIT), D. A. Schwartz, D. Worrall, M. Birkinshaw (SAO), J. Lovell, D. Jauncey (CSIRO), E. Perlman (UMBC), D. Murphy, R. A. Preston (JPL)
42.16 An Investigation of the Optical Microvariability of the Blazar PG 0735+178
J.P. McFarland, H.R. Miller (Georgia State University), M.T. Carini (Western Kentucky University), M. Jang (Kyung Hee University), J.C. Noble (Georgia State University)
42.17 Jets and Disks in Radio Galaxies: Spectroscopic observations with HST/STIS
J. Noel-Storr (Columbia University), S. A. Baum, C. P. O'Dea (STScI), J. van Gorkom (Columbia University)
42.18 Optical Properties of All the X-ray Sources within the GOODS HST/ACS Survey of the Chandra Deep Field South
A. M. Koekemoer (STScI), D. Alexander, F. Bauer (PSU), J. Bergeron (IAP), N. Brandt (PSU), E. Chatzchristou (Yale), C. Conselice (Caltech), S. Cristiani (Trieste), D. Elbaz (CEA/Saclay), R. Fosbury (ST-ECF), R. Giacconi (AUI), N. A. Grogin, A. Hornschemeier (JHU), R. Lucas (STScI), V. Mainieri (ESO), L. Moustakas (STScI), M. Nonino (Trieste), S. Ravindranath (STScI), P. Rosati (ESO), E. J. Schreier (AUI), B. Simmons (Yale), D. Stern (NASA/JPL), C. M. Urry (Yale), M. Fall (STScI), GOODS Team
42.19 An Optical / X-ray Flare in the Jet of M87
J. A. Biretta (STScI), D. E. Harris (CfA), E. S. Perlman (UMBC), W. B. Sparks (STScI)
42.20 A Possible Merging Companion to Cygnus A
G. Canalizo (LLNL), C. E. Max (LLNL and UCSC), D. Whysong, R. Antonucci (UCSB), S. E. Dahm (U.Hawaii), M. Lacy (Caltech)

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