AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 32 Stellar Atmospheres and Circumstellar Material

Poster, Tuesday, May 27, 2003, 10:00am-6:30pm, West Exhbit Hall

32.01 Spectral Analysis of Ultracool Dwarfs
D. Homeier (U. Georgia), P.H. Hauschildt (Hamburger Sternwarte), F. Allard (CRAL Lyon)
32.02 Spectrum Modeling of Distorted Stellar Atmospheres and the X-ray Binary V4641 Sgr
E. J. Lentz (U. Georgia), J. A. Orosz (San Diego St.), P. H. Hauschildt (Hamburg Obs.)
32.03 Detection of a Raman Scattered He II Line in the Optical Spectrum of the Symbiotic Star V1016 Cyg
J. J. Birriel (Morehead State University)
32.04 Ultraviolet Spectral Images of EI Eri and HD 199178
T.S. Boyajian, J.E. Neff, M.E. Woehrman (College of Charleston)
32.05 Barnard's Star and the dM Effective Temperature Scale
M.M. De Robertis (York University), P.C. Dawson (Trent University)
32.06 Angular Sizes for G7-M6 Giants in the Near-Infrared: Observations Compared to Model Atmospheres
G.T. van Belle, D.R. Ciardi (Michelson Science Center - Caltech), M.J. Creech-Eakman, R.R. Thompson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), PTI Collaboration
32.07 Measurements of Activity in 1000 Planet Search Stars
J. T. Wright, G. M. Marcy, D. A. Fischer (UC Berkeley), R. P. Butler (Carnegie Institute of Washington, DTM)
32.08 Convection cells in a red giant atmosphere from 3D numerical simulations
P. Demarque, F. J. Robinson, S. Sofia (Yale University), Y.-C. Kim (Yonsei University), K. L. Chan (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology), D. B. Guenther (Saint Mary's University, Canada)
32.09 Actinides in HD 101065 (Przybylski's Star)
C. R. Cowley (U. Michigan, Ann Arbor), S. Hubrig (ESO, Germany), D. J. Bord (U. Michigan, Dearborn)
32.10 High Resolution Optical Spectroscopy of the Hg-Mn Star HR7143
D. J. Bord (UMich-Dearborn), C. R. Cowley (UMich-Ann Arbor), S. Hubrig (ESO), W. P. Bidelman (CWRU)
32.11 The Outer Atmosphere of Canopus: Detection of a Fast Stellar Wind from an F Supergiant
A. Brown, G. M. Harper, T. R. Ayres (CASA, University of Colorado), J. M. Brown (Dept. of Astronomy, Caltech)
32.12 Stellar Lithium Abundances and Activity
J.R. King, S.C. Schuler (Clemson University)
32.13 Photometric and Chromospheric Variability of Sun-Like Stars
G. W. Lockwood (Lowell Observatory), R. R. Radick (Air Force Research Laboratory), G. W. Henry (Tennessee State University), S. L. Baliunas (Center for Astrophysics)
32.14 Winds from ``Non-Coronal'' and ``Hybrid'' Stars Driven by MHD Waves
V.S. Airapetian (The Catholic University of America/GSFC), K. Carpenter (NASA/GSFC), L. Ofman (The Catholic University of America/GSFC)
32.15 Hot Gas in Wolf-Rayet Bubbles. I. XMM-Newton Observations of S\,308
Y.-H. Chu, M.A. Guerrero, R.A. Gruendl (UIUC), G. Garcia-Segura (UNAM), H. Wendker (U. Hamburg)
32.16 Hot Gas in Wolf-Rayet Bubbles. II. Chandra Observations of NGC\,6888
R.A. Gruendl, M.A. Guerrero, Y.-H. Chu (UIUC)
32.17 FUSE Observations of the Wolf-Rayet Star WR136 and its Circumstellar Environment
B.D. Moore, R.J. Dufour (Rice Univ.), J.P. Aufdenberg (CfA), R. Sankrit (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
32.18 More Observations of the Nebula Surrounding Eta Carinae
N. Smith, J. A. Morse (University of Colorado)
32.19 2MASS data shows that most red Arecibo OH/IR Stars have detached shells
B. M. Lewis (Arecibo Observatory)

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