AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
Session 52 Communicating Science to the Public
Special Oral, Thursday, May 29, 2003, 10:00-11:30am, 204

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[52.01] Communicating Science to the Public--Challenges and Opportunities

C. R. Chappell (Vanderbilt University)

This session will consist of a panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities in communicating science through the media to the public. The discussion will center on the steps that can be taken by individual scientists and by science societies to increase the dissemination of usable information about newly emerging science results, about the process of science and about the scientists themselves. The panel will consist of both scientists and journalists involved in telling the story of science. The time will be split equally between panel comments and interactions and the audience questions and answers. Invited panel members include Jim Hartz (Moderator), Steve Maran, Phil Plait, Rick Chappell, John Wilford, Kathy Sawyer, and A. J. Hostetler.

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