AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
Session 13 Stars and Supernovae
Oral, Monday, May 26, 2003, 10:00-11:30am, 204

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[13.05] The Chandra Observation of Supernova Remnant 0103-72.6 in the Small Magellanic Cloud.

S. Park, D. N. Burrows, J. A. Nousek, G. P. Garmire (Penn State), J. P. Hughes (Rutgers), P. O. Slane (CfA)

The supernova remnant (SNR) 0103-72.6 in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) has been observed with the Chandra/ACIS. 0103-72.6 is the second brightest X-ray SNR in the SMC and our Chandra/ACIS images clearly resolve the X-ray emission into a nearly complete, remarkably circular outer shell surrounding a complex tangle of bright knots and filaments near the center of the SNR. Spectral analysis indicates that the shell, dominated by soft X-ray emission, has the low metallicity composition of the SMC interstellar medium. The bright central regions in contrast show strongly enhanced abundances of O, Ne, and Mg which indicates that they are reverse-shock heated ejecta. These results, as well as the SNR's location within an HII region, are supportive of a core-collapse origin from a massive progenitor. We present these early results from our high resolution imaging and spatially-resolved spectral analysis of SNR 0103-72.6.

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