AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
Session 40 Galaxies
Poster, Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 10:00am-6:45pm, West Exhibit Hall

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[40.11] Chandra Archive of Nearby Galaxies. II. Galaxies with Nuclear Activity

S. Wang, C.-H.R. Chen, M.A. Guerrero, Y.-H. Chu (UIUC)

Chandra, with its unprecedented resolution and sensitivity, is able to resolve and study point sources and diffuse emission in galaxies as distant as tens of Mpc. To date, Chandra has observed ~100 galaxies within 30 Mpc with ACIS-S or ACIS-I for exposure times greater than 20 ks. This Chandra Archive of Nearby Galaxies provides an invaluable resource to study the X-ray properties of galaxies of different types. We are using this archive to produce an X-ray atlas and determine the relative contribution of nuclear source, X-ray binaries, and hot gas to the total X-ray emission for a wide range of galaxies. We further analyze the diffuse X-ray emission outside the galactic nuclei to determine the distribution and physical conditions of the hottest component of the interstellar medium, and use the underlying interstellar structures and stellar content derived from optical wavelengths to assess the origin and evolution of the hot interstellar medium. This poster presents a progress report of our study of X-ray properties of ~40 nearby galaxies with nuclear activity.

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