AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
Session 39 Variable Stars
Poster, Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 10:00am-6:45pm, West Exhibit Hall

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[39.01] Short-Period Be and Related Variable Stars Discovered or Confirmed by Self-Correlation Analysis of Hipparcos Epoch Photometry

J.R. Percy, C.D.W. Harlow, A.P.S. Wu (University of Toronto)

We have surveyed 277 bright Be stars for short-period photometric variability, using self-correlation analysis of Hipparcos epoch photometry. This extends the work of Percy et al. (2002 PASP 114, 551-558); the methods are as described therein. We report the discovery, time scale and amplitude of short-period variability in: HD 7636 (V764 Cas), HD 11606 (V777 Cas), HD 13661 (V549 Per), HD 34921, HD 36408, HD 40978, HD 58343 (FW CMa), HD 63460 (o Pup), HD 88195 (17 Sex), HD 89353 (AG Ant, HR 4049), HD 129954 (CO Cir), HD 158220 (V862 Ara), HD 173219 (V947 Sct), and HD 187567 (V1339 Aql). We report the confirmation of short-period variability, using an independent form of analysis, in HD 52918 (19 Mon), HD 105382 (V863 Cen), HD 137387 (\kappa-1 Aps), HD 157832 (V750 Ara), and HD 163868 (V3984 Sgr). These include a \beta Cephei star (19 Mon), a Vega-type star (17 Sex) and a post-AGB B star (HR 4049). We call attention to a small group of active Be stars whose self-correlation diagram (\Deltamag versus \Deltatime) rises linearly with \Deltatime up to several days or more.

Supported by NSERC Canada, and the Ontario Work-Study Program.

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