AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
Session 42 Quasars and Active Galaxies
Poster, Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 10:00am-6:45pm, West Exhibit Hall

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[42.06] An Atlas of Warm AGN and Starbursts from the IRAS Deep Fields

W.C. Keel, (U. Ala.), B.K. Irby (EER Systems), M.H.K. de Grijp, G.K. Miley (Leiden), D. Golombek (STScI)

We present a sample of 180 AGN candidates from the IRAS deep-field AO observations, selected for warm 25-60 \mu or 60-100 \mu colors and going as faint as 0.07 Jy at 60 \mu (on average 3 times as deep as the Point-Source Catalog). We have spectroscopic identifications for 70, of which half are clear AGN at redshifts up to z=0.53. Of the Sy 1, 5/12 have very strong Fe II emission. There are also many reddened objects in which H\alpha and [N II] are detected, but for which no further emission-line classification can be done. The starburst objects span a wide range of optical color and excitation, including two with strong Wolf-Rayet features. VLA data at 6 and 20 cm suggest identifications for an additional 20 cases for which we do not have spectroscopy,a few of which may lie at high redshifts. We call attention to the composite object 12266+3240 at z=0.17, with strong H\beta absorption and LINER emission. Our sample also yields ~15 stellar identifications, including a new symbiotic star and several candidates for the Vega phenomenon. We are grateful for allocations of time at ESO, KPNO, La Palma, Lowell Observatory, and the NRAO VLA.

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