AAS 202nd Meeting, May 2003
Session 43 Blazar Continuum Variability Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Topical Associated Poster, Wednesday, May 28, 2003, 10:00am-6:45pm, West Exhibit Hall

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[43.01] The X-ray and Radio Jets of Quasars.

S.G. Jorstad, A.P. Marscher (IAR, BU), I. McHardy (Univ. of Southampton, UK)

We have observed 5 quasars with Chandra during Cycle 3. The observations were accompanied by VLA imaging at 15 GHz. X-ray emission is detected from all the jets except for 0923+392, whose double radio jet only extends out to the edge of the X-ray PSF.An especially prominent X-ray jet is seen in the gamma-ray blazar 0827+243:the radio jet does not even start until the X-ray jet first extends up to 5 arcsec from the nucleus (in the same direction as the radio parsec-scale jet) and then executes an apparent bend of about 80\circ before extending another 2 arcsec. We present the Chandra and VLA images of the 5 quasars and discuss X-ray emission mechanisms in quasars jets.

This research was funded in part by SAO grant G02-3137X and US National Science Foundation grant AST-0098579.

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