HEAD 2003 Meeting
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 21. Active Galactic Nuclei III

Poster, Sunday-Wednesday, March 23, 2003, Duration of Meeting

21.01 The X-ray view of NGC 4261 and NGC 6251
M. Gliozzi, R.M. Sambruna (George Mason University), M. Eracleous, W.N. Brandt (Pennsylvania State University), R. Mushotzky (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
21.02 The Contribution of Particle Impact to the Production of Fe K\alpha Emission
D.R. Ballantyne (CITA, U. of Toronto), A.C. Fabian (IoA, Cambridge)
21.03 The Chandra HETGS view of the dusty warm absorber in MCG-6-30-15
J.C. Lee, C.R. Canizares (MIT), T. Fang (CMU), T. Kallman (GSFC), A.C. Fabian, A.K. Turner (IoA - Cambridge), H.L. Marshall (MIT)
21.04 A Chandra mini-survey of X-ray weak quasars.
G. Risaliti, M. Elvis (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), A. Marconi, M. Salvati (Arcetri Observatory, ITALY)
Fe XXV and Fe XXVI Diagnostics of the Black Hole and Accretion Disk in AGN
T. Yaqoob (JHU/GSFC), I. M. George (UMBC/GSFC), T. Kallman (GSFC), U. Padmanabhan (JHU), K. A. Weaver (GSFC), T. J. Turner (UMBC/GSFC)
21.06 Probing the Complex and Variable X-ray Absorption of Markarian 6 with XMM-Newton
S. Immler, W. N. Brandt, C. Vignali, F. E. Bauer (The Pennsylvania State University), D. M. Crenshaw (Georgia State University), J. J. Feldmeier (Case Western Reserve University), S. B. Kraemer (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
21.07 Testing Unification: Examining the X-ray Properties of Seyfert Host Galaxies
S. C. Gallagher, J. C. Lee, C. R. Canizares (MIT)
21.08 Accretion of low angular momentum material onto black holes: 2D magnetohydrodynamical case.
D. Proga (JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO 80309-0440, USA), M.C. Begelman (JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0440 and Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder)
21.09 The Growth of Central Black Hole and the Ionization Instability of Quasar Disk
Ye Lu (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences), K.S. Cheng (Dept. of Physics, U. Hong Kong), S.N. Zhang (document)
21.10 The Power Density Spectrum of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 4945: The Relationship between X-ray Variability and Black Hole Mass
M. Mueller, G.M. Madejski (SLAC), C. Done (Durham U.), P.T. Zycki (Copernicus Center)
21.11 Search for Quasars Behind Nearby Galaxies
A. Dobrzycki (CfA), P.J. Groot (U.of Nijmegen), L.M. Macri (NOAO), K.Z. Stanek (CfA)
Absorbed AGN Near and Far
H. Ghosh, B. J. Wilkes (CfA), R. M. Cutri (IPAC), D. C. Hines (Steward Obs.), B. Nelson (IPAC), G. D. Schmidt, P. S. Smith (Steward Obs.)
21.13 Chandra Observation of the Broad Absorption Line QSO Pair UM425
T. L. Aldcroft, P. J. Green (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
21.14 A Chandra Survey of High Redshift Quasars (z>2) with the Aid of Lensing
X. Dai, G. Chartas, G. P. Garmire (Penn State Univ.)
21.15 Results of Chandra X-ray Observations of the GPS quasar sample.
A. Siemiginowska, T.L. Aldcroft (CfA), J. Bechtold (Steward Observatory), M. Blazejowski, M. Elvis (CfA)
21.16 Spectral trends of high redshift quasars - application of accretion models
M. Sobolewska (CfA/CAMK), A. Siemiginowska (CfA), P. Zycki (CAMK)
21.17 Using Multiwavelength Observations to Determine the Black Hole Mass and Accretion Rate in the Type 1 Seyfert Galaxy NGC 5548
J. Chiang (NASA's GSFC/UMBC), O. Blaes (UCSB)
21.18 Multi-Epoch XMM Observations of NGC4258
A. Fruscione, L. J. Greenhill, J. Moran (Center for Astrophysics), A. Filippenko (UC Berkeley), J. Herrnstein (Renaissance Technologies Corp.)
21.19 A Possible 2.08 Day X-ray Period in Seyfert Galaxy Ton S180
H.L. Marshall (MIT CSR), J.P. Halpern (Columbia U.), K.M. Leighly (U. Oklahoma)

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