HEAD 2003 Meeting
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 2. Intergalactic and Interstellar Media II

Oral, Sunday, March 23, 2003, 9:15-10:15am

2.01 Observational limits to highly ionized absorption systems in the intergalactic medium for z<0.15.
A. Rasmussen, S. M. Kahn, F. Paerels (Columbia U.), JW. den Herder, C. de Vries (S.R.O.N. (Netherlands))
2.02 Preliminary Results from the CHIPS Mission
M. Hurwitz (UC, Berkeley), T. Sasseen (UCSB), W. Marchant, M. Sirk (UC, Berkeley), UC Berkeley CHIPS Instrument Team, SpaceDev., Inc. CHIPS Spacecraft Team
An Initial Survey of X-ray Dust Halos with Chandra and XMM-Newton
R. K. Smith (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), E. Dwek (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), A. N. Witt (Ritter Astrophysical Research Center, U. of Toledo)
2.04 Chandra Discovery of Intervening, Local and Intrinsic Highly Ionized Absorption in an extremely bright high resolution X-ray spectrum of an Extragalactic Source
F. Nicastro, M. Elvis (SAO), T. Fang (Carn. Mell. University), S. Mathur (OSU), A. Siemiginowska, A. Zezas (SAO)
2.05 Metallicity of the ISM in the z=0.524 absorption system toward AO 0235+164
G.M. Madejski (SLAC), V.T. Junkkarinen, R.D. Cohen, E.A. Beaver, E.M. Burbidge, R.W. Lyons (UCSD)

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