HEAD 2003 Meeting
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 13. Galaxy Clusters III

Poster, Sunday-Wednesday, March 23, 2003, Duration of Meeting

13.01 Cluster Masses Derived From X-ray and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Measurements
S. J. LaRoque (University of Chicago), M. Joy (NASA MSFC), M. Bonamente (University of Alabama, Huntsville), J. E. Carlstrom (University of Chicago), K. S. Dawson (U. C. Berkeley)
13.02 3D FLASH simulations of AGN heating in clusters of galaxies
M. Ruszkowski (JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder), C.R. Kaiser (University of Southampton), M.C. Begelman (JILA & APS, University of Colorado at Boulder)
13.03 Non-radiative cooling of warm gas in rich clusters of galaxies
R.D. Blandford (Caltech)
13.04 A Better Gravitational Potential for Modeling Cluster Atmospheres
A. Mahdavi (University of Hawaii)
13.05 A massive warm baryonic halo in the Coma cluster
M. Bonamente (UAH), M.K. Joy (NASA/MSFC), R. Lieu (UAH)
13.06 Cluster mergers, core oscillations, and cold fronts
E. R. Tittley, M. Henriksen (JCA, UMBC)
13.07 Groups and the Entropy Floor- XMM-Newton Observations of Four Groups
E. Figueroa-Feliciano, R. Mushotzky, D. Davies, M. Loewenstein, S. L. Snowden (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
13.08 Cluster soft excess emission and its cosmological implications - the XMM Newton era
R. Lieu (Physics Dept., Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville)
13.09 A Library of Intracluster Entropy Distributions
D.J. Horner, M. Donahue, M. Voit (Space Telescope Science Institute)
13.10 High-Resolution Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies
D. Nagai, A.V. Kravtsov (U.Chicago)
13.11 A Chandra Observation of The Multiple Mergers In Abell 2744
J. C. Kempner, L. P. David, J. M. Vrtilek (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)
13.12 Radio and X-ray Interactions in the Core of Abell 2029
T. E. Clarke, E. L. Blanton, C. L. Sarazin (Univ. of Virginia)
13.13 Detection of X-rays from galaxy groups associated with the gravitationally lensed systems PG 1115+080 and B1422+231
C.E. Grant, M.W. Bautz (MIT)
13.14 An XMM-Newton observation of the galaxy group MKW 4
E. O'Sullivan, J. Vrtilek (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), A. M. Read (University of Birmingham, UK)
13.15 Chandra Observations of the NGC 507 Group
R. P. Kraft, N. Laslo, W. R. Forman, S. S. Murray, C. Jones, M. Markevitch, A. Vikhlinin (Harvard/Smithsonian CfA), E. Churazov (MPI für Astrophysik)
13.16 Chandra Observations of NGC 4410: Nuclear Activity and ULXs in an Interacting Galaxy System
M.A. Nowak (MIT), B. Smith (ETSU), M. Donahue (STScI), J. Stocke (Dept. of APS & CASA, University of Colorado)
Hard X-ray Observations of the Galaxy Cluster R X J0658.4-5557
V. Petrosian, K. Luli (Stanford Univ.), G. Madejski, M. Mueller (SLAC)

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