HEAD 2003 Meeting
Session 13. Galaxy Clusters III
Poster, Sunday-Wednesday, March 23, 2003, Duration of Meeting

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[13.10] High-Resolution Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies

D. Nagai, A.V. Kravtsov (U.Chicago)

Recently, high-resolution Chandra observations revealed many complex processes operating in the intracluster medium such as cold fronts, cooling flows with puzzling properties, and subsonic turbulent motions. The detailed studies of these processes can provide new insights into the cluster gas properties and cluster evolution. Using very high-resolution Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) gasdynamics simulations of clusters forming in the CDM universes, we investigate structural evolution of the intracluster gas and the role of dynamical (e.g., mergers) and physical (e.g., cooling, star formation, stellar feedback) processes operating during cluster evolution. In particular, we use the simulations to investigate the origin and properties of merger shocks and cold fronts. We also discuss the internal turbulent motions of cluster gas induced by mergers. Finally, we will discuss an undergoing program to carry out a series of simulations that include cooling, star formation, stellar feedback, and metal enrichment and preliminary results/implications for the X-ray and SZ cluster observables.

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