HEAD 2003 Meeting
Session 21. Active Galactic Nuclei III
Poster, Sunday-Wednesday, March 23, 2003, Duration of Meeting

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[21.03] The Chandra HETGS view of the dusty warm absorber in MCG-6-30-15

J.C. Lee, C.R. Canizares (MIT), T. Fang (CMU), T. Kallman (GSFC), A.C. Fabian, A.K. Turner (IoA - Cambridge), H.L. Marshall (MIT)

The Chandra HETGS spectra of the Seyfert~1 galaxy MCG--6-30-15 show numerous narrow, unresolved (FWHM \le~200 \rm km \,s-1) absorption lines from a wide range of ionization states of N, O, Mg, Ne, Si, S, Ar, and Fe. The initial analysis of these data, presented in Lee et al. (2001), shows that a dusty warm absorber is reasonable for explaining the soft X-ray spectral features \ge 0.48~keV (\le 26 Å). This conclusion is contrary to the results reported from XMM-Newton which call for relativistically broadened soft X-ray emission line. We will discuss updated results based on the 120~ks Chandra HETGS and the 360~ks XMM spectra of this source. Detailed plasma diagnostics of the ionized absorption lines in the HETGS spectrum point to an outflow in MCG-6-30-15 which shows a distribution of v and N\rm H which depend on \xi. The neutral Fe~K\alpha emission as seen with the Chandra resolution will also be discussed. JCL thanks the Chandra Postdoctoral Fellowship Award PF2-30023 for support.

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