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Session 9. Jets, Blazars and TeV Astronomy III
Poster, Sunday-Wednesday, March 23, 2003, Duration of Meeting

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[9.01] X-ray Imaging of a Complete Sample of Quasar Jets

J. Gelbord, H.L. Marshall (MIT), D.A. Schwartz, D. Worrall, M. Birkinshaw (SAO), J. Lovell, D. Jauncey (CSIRO), E. Perlman (UMBC), D. Murphy, R.A. Preston (JPL)

We present preliminary results from our X-ray imaging survey of a complete, flux-limited sample of quasar jets using the Chandra X-ray Observatory. We detected X-ray jets from 13 of 20 new observations in Chandra exposures of only 5 ks. Including other targets from our sample that were observed by Sambruna et al. (2002, Ap.J., 571, 206), we have 18 X-ray jets in 26 objects. The targets were selected from complete, flux-limited radio samples that have been mapped using the Australian Telescope Compact Array and the Very Large Array to an angular resolution of 1", matching the Chandra point response function. The subsample selected on bright extended radio structure shows extended X-ray emission in 13 out of 15 cases, while the subsample selected on radio morphology shows extended X-ray emission in 5 out of 11 cases. The new X-ray jets correspond well to the radio images except that X-rays are not generally detected from lobe structures, ending where the radio jets change directions in several cases. We will also present spectral energy distributions derived from radio, X-ray and optical images of several of the jets in order to test emission mechanisms.

This work has been supported in part by GO grant G02-3151A from SAO and NASA contract NAS8-39073 to the Chandra X-ray Center.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: jonathan@space.mit.edu

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