HEAD 2003 Meeting
Session 35. Galaxy Clusters II
Oral, Monday, March 24, 2003, 7:00-7:40pm

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[35.02] Chandra's View of a Massive Starburst in the Abell 1068 cD Galaxy

M. W. Wise (MIT), B. R. McNamara (Ohio Univ.), S. S. Murray (CfA)

We present a detailed examination of the X-ray structure of the core of the Abell 1068 (z=0.1386) cooling flow cluster which harbors a massive starburst. Detailed maps of the gas temperature and metallicity have been produced and show a clear temperature gradient in the X--ray emitting gas from kT ~5 keV in the outer part of the cluster down to 2 keV in the core. We find a striking correlation between the cD galaxy's optical isophotes and enhanced metallicity isocontours in the central ~100 kpc of the cluster. The approximate doubling of the metallicity associated with the cD can be plausibly explained by supernova explosions associated with the cD's ambient stellar population and the recent starburst. We discuss the remarkable starburst properties of the Abell 1068 cD galaxy and present a detailed comparison between the X-ray and optical properties of the cD. These data indicate that 90% of the ultraviolet light from the starburst is emerging from the region of the cluster with the shortest cooling time, and that the star formation rates and local X-ray cooling rates agree. We will examine various interpretations of these results.

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