HEAD 2003 Meeting
Session 22. Missions, Instruments and Data Analysis
Poster, Sunday-Wednesday, March 23, 2003, Duration of Meeting

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[22.07] Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope: Progress and Plans as of March 2003 (L-3.5 years)

J. F. Ormes (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), GLAST Science Team

The GLAST mission is designed to study the acceleration of particles in a wide variety of astrophysical environments and to search for evidence of dark matter. It is designed to monitor the transient gamma-ray sky and provides new coverage at energies beyond 1 GeV for the first time. This year the development team selected a spacecraft contractor; the Spectrum Astro team is off and running. The Large Area Telescope (LAT), which is being developed jointly by NASA and the DOE with substantial foreign contributions, will have its critical design review this spring. The mission also has a second instrument, the GLAST Burst Monitor (GBM) to provide broad-band spectral coverage for gamma-ray bursts. The Science Support Center and the Instrument Operations Centers have designed and are developing analysis software. A robust Guest Investigator program is in place and the associated data policies are being defined. Launch is currently scheduled for September 2006. The status will be described and some new science perspectives will be presented.

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