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Session 77. The Interstellar Medium II
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[77.09] H2CO 6 cm Emission toward IRAS 18566+0408

E. Araya (University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras), P. Hofner (University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras and Arecibo Observatory, NAIC/Cornell University), E. Churchwell, M. Sewilo, C. Watson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), H. Linz (TLS Tautenburg), S. Kurtz (UNAM-Morelia)

Using the Arecibo Telescope we have discovered formaldehyde (H2CO) 6 cm emission toward IRAS 18566+0408. This is the fifth Galactic region known to present emission in the H2CO 110-111 transition. Our recent VLA observations toward this source confirmed the emission, and a lower limit for the brightness temperature has been established (Tb>400 K). A discussion about the possible nature of this emission, i.e. maser vs thermal emission, is presented. We review the Galactic H2CO 6 cm emitters reported until now, as well as the physical conditions needed to explain maser and/or thermal H2CO 6 cm emission. This work is partially supported by Research Corporation grant Nr. CC4996 and NSF grant AST-0098524.

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