AAS 201st Meeting, January, 2003
Session 104. NOAO Survey Programs
Special, Wednesday, January 8, 2003, 2:00-3:30pm, 608-609

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[104.03] New Results for the NOAO Fundamental Survey

G. A. Wegner, J. Nelan (Dartmouth), M. Hudson, J. Malecki, R. Smith (University of Waterloo), R. Davies, J. Lucey, S. Moore, S. Quinney (University of Durham), S. Schade (CADC/HIA), N. Suntzeff (CTIO/NOAO)

The NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey is a deep, homogeneous, all-sky spectroscopic and photometric study of 100 X-ray selected clusters within 200 h(-1) Mpc (z<0.06) with the principle goal of determining the large-scale flow of clusters with respect to the CMB. The photometry of tens of thousands of galaxies in two colors (B and R) will yield quantitative morphological information and spectroscopic parameters, including velocity dispersions, line indices, and redshifts. When combined with high-quality Fundamental Plane parameters, these measurements will shed light on the evolution of galaxies in the cluster and environmental dependences of spectroscopic parameters. Early results show that for cluster A3558, the Mgb index is stronger near the center of the cluster and weakens as radius increases; however, there are indications that this is not true for all clusters in the sample.

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