AAS 201st Meeting, January, 2003
Session 134. LSST
Oral, Thursday, January 9, 2003, 2:00-3:30pm, 6AB

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[134.03] Asteroids: with SDSS towards LSST

Z. Ivezic, R.H. Lupton, M. Juric (Princeton University)

Sloan Digital Sky Survey has provided a homogeneous and accurate database of multi-color photometric measurements for about 60,000 asteroids, an increase by nearly a factor of 100 compared to similar previous surveys. The SDSS colors of asteroids are a good proxy for their taxonomic classes and strongly correlate with asteroid heliocentric distribution, thus providing an unprecedented probe of the chemical and dynamical history of the solar system.

The SDSS results will be further improved by the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope which will increase the sample by another factor of 100, and will also determine orbits for most of the detected objects. We will discuss an LSST cadence optimized for multi-color observations of solar system objects ranging from slow-moving Kuiper belt objects to fast-moving near-Earth objects, and which simultaneously provides a broad and dense coverage of time scales needed for the discovery of various photometrically variable objects.

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