AAS 201st Meeting, January, 2003
Session 118. Rotation-Powered Pulsars
Poster, Thursday, January 9, 2003, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall AB

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[118.09] XMM-Newton Observations of PSR J0538+2817 and PSR B1706-44

K.E. McGowan (LANL), J.A. Kennea (UC Santa Barbara), F.A. Cordova (UC Riverside), C. Ho (LANL), T. Sasseen (UC Santa Barbara), W.T. Vestrand (LANL), XMM-Newton OM Team

We report on the XMM-Newton observations of two milli-second pulsars PSR J0538+2817 and PSR B1706-44. We present the first detections of pulsed X-rays from PSR J0538+2817 at a frequency which is consistent with the predicted 143 ms radio period. The folded light curve is quasi-sinusoidal. The spectra of PSR J0538+2817 can be fit with a single blackbody with kT = 0.179 +/- 0.003 keV. The resulting blackbody radius is 2.6 +/- 0.4 km, indicating that the emission is from a hot region. The 90 ks observation of the 102 ms pulsar PSR B1706-44 displays pulsed X-ray emission which is again consistent with the predicted radio period. The pulse profile is broad and single peaked. We find that the spectra requires a two component model with kT = 0.157 +/- 0.004 keV and a photon index of 1.77 +/- 0.06. Using a nominal distance to the source of 2.5 kpc we find that the blackbody radius is 2.9 +/- 0.4 km which suggests that PSR B1706-44's emission also originates from a hot spot.

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