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[14.24] CO Detections in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies using the BIMA Array

M. Das, S.S. McGaugh, S.N. Vogel, P.J. Teuben, J.H. Kim (University of Maryland)

We present CO (1-0) observations using the BIMA array of five Low Surface Brightness (LSB) galaxies : NGC 5585, UGC 5209, UGC 6614, UGC 4115 and F583-1. Unlike previous observations, which targeted specific locations in these galaxies, the large field of view of the BIMA dishes allowed the entire galaxy to be imaged. CO was detected at the 5 sigma level at several locations in the disk of UGC 6614, which is a large spiral LSB galaxy with an unusually high metallicity. This is the first high resolution (15") CO interferometric map of molecular gas in a giant LSB galaxy. CO was also observed at the 5 sigma level at one location in UGC 4115, which is a nearby LSB galaxy showing signs of star formation. The other three galaxies were not detected in CO. Thus, LSB galaxies do contain modest amounts of molecular gas but its distribution is patchy. This research was supported by NSF grants AST-9981289 and AST-991308.

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