AAS 201st Meeting, January, 2003
Session 23. Cosmology: The Fundamental Parameter
Oral, Monday, January 6, 2003, 10:00-11:30am, 608-609

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[23.05] The Host Galaxies of Type Ia Supernovae at High Redshift

R. Quimby (Texas), G. Aldering, P. Nugent (LBNL), R. Amanullah (Stockholm), P. Astier (LPNHE), G. Blanc (LBNL), M.S. Burns (Colorado Col.), A. Conley, S. Deustua (LBNL), M. Doi (Tokyo), R. Ellis (Caltech), S. Fabbro (IPN Lyon), G. Folatelli (Stockholm), A. Fruchter (STScI), G. Garavini (Stockholm), R. Gibbons, G. Goldhaber (LBNL), A. Goobar (Stockholm), D.E. Groom (LBNL), D. Hardin (LPNHE), I.M. Hook (Oxford), D.A. Howell (LBNL), M. Irwin (IoA Cambridge), A. Kim (LBNL), R.A. Knop (Vanderbilt), C. Lidman (ESO), R. McMahon (IoA Cambridge), J. Mendez (ING), S. Nobili (Stockholm), R. Pain (LPNHE), N. Panagia (STScI), C.R. Pennypacker, S. Perlmutter (LBNL), J. Raux (LPNHE), N. Regnault (LBNL), P. Ruiz-Lapuente (Barcelona), B. Schaefer (Texas), K. Schahmaneche (LPNHE), A.L. Spadafora (LBNL), N. Walton (ING), L. Wang, W.M. Wood-Vasey (LBNL), N. Yasuda (NOA Japan), Supernova Cosmology Project Collaboration

We use the luminosities and B-V colors from the host galaxies of 74 high-redshift (0.17 < z < 0.86) Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) discovered by the Supernova Cosmology Project (SCP) to search for environmental effects on supernovae peak luminosities. Using the galaxy luminosity-metallicity relation and the radial metallicity gradient of galaxies as indicators of the progenitor metallicity, we find no significant correlation between peak SNe Ia luminosity and host galaxy metallicity. The projected radial distribution of supernovae tracks the galaxy light and shows no deficit of SNe Ia near the galaxy cores (Shaw effect). The host galaxy luminosity function is calculated, and shown to be consistent with the subset of the Caltech Faint Galaxy Redshift Survey (Cohen et al. 2000) in the same redshift range, as well as the luminosity function of nearby galaxies measured by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Blanton et al. 2001).

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