DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 9. Centaurs and Kuiper Belt Objects II

Oral, Chair(s): D. Jewitt and R. Millis, Monday, October 7, 2002, 4:30-6:00pm, Ballroom

9.01 On the Plutinos and Twotinos of the Kuiper Belt
E. Chiang, A. Jordan (UC Berkeley)
9.02 Centaurs: The Transition Between the Kuiper Belt and Jupiter-Family Comets
M. S. Tiscareno, R. Malhotra (U of Arizona)
9.03 The Deep Ecliptic Survey - A Status Report
R. L. Millis, M. W. Buie, L. H. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.), J. L. Elliot, S. D. Kern, K. Clancy (MIT), R. M. Wagner (LBT Obs.), E. I. Chiang, A. Jordan (UC Berkeley), D. E. Trilling (U. Penn.), K. J. Meech (U. Hawaii)
9.04 A Search for the Brightest Kuiper Belt Objects
C. A. Trujillo, M. E. Brown, J.-L. Margot (Caltech), F. Bertoldi (MPI fr Radioastronomie)
9.05 Discovery of Trans-Neptunian Binaries with the Hubble Space Telescope
K. Noll, D. Stephens (STScI), W. Grundy, R. Millis, M. Buie, J. Spencer (Lowell), S. Tegler (NAU), W. Romanishin (U. OK), D. Cruikshank (NASA/Ames)
9.06 The population size distribution of the Kuiper Belt
D. E. Trilling (U Penn)
9.07 Should We Use the Väisälä or Bernstein Method for Recovery of Short-Arc KBOs?
L.H. Wasserman (Lowell Observatory)
9.08 Kuiper Belt dust in the inner and outer Solar System
A. Moro-Martin (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona), R. Malhotra (Department of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona)
9.09 Dynamics of the Binary KBO 1998 WW31 and Predictions of Mutual Eclipses
C. Veillet (Canada France Hawaii Telescope), I.P. Griffin (STScI), J.Wm. Parker (Southwest Research Inst.)

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