DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 4. Asteroids II

Oral, Chair(s): A.S. Rivkin and H. Scholl, Monday, October 7, 2002, 11:30am-1:00pm, Ballroom

4.01 Dust Levitation and Transport in a Plasma Sheath near a Surface
A.A. Sickafoose, J.E. Colwell, M. Horányi, S. Robertson (LASP, Univeristy of Colorado)
4.02 Simulation of Space Weathering on Regolith Surface: TEM and ESR Confirmation of Nanophase Iron Particles
S. Sasaki, E. Kurahashi (Univ. Tokyo), K. Nakamura (Kobe Univ.), T. Hiroi (Brown Univ.), C. Yamanaka (Osaka Univ.)
4.03 Effects of small impacts on asteroid shapes
D. G. Korycansky, E. Asphaug (CODEP, Univ. California Santa Cruz)
4.04 Testing SPH Against Experimental Laboratory Impact Results
L.S. Bruesch, E. Asphaug (University of California, Santa Cruz)
4.05 Spectroscopy and Classification of Mars Trojan Asteroids
A. S. Rivkin, R. P. Binzel (MIT), E. S. Howell (Arecibo Observatory), S. J. Bus (IRTF), J. A. Grier (PSI)
4.06 Exploring the Comet Component Within the Near-Earth Object Population
R. P. Binzel, J. S. Stuart, A. S. Rivkin (MIT), M. Delbo, A. W. Harris (DLR/Berlin), A. W. Harris (JPL), S. J. Bus (U. Hawaii)
4.07 The Cornell Mid-Infrared Asteroid Spectroscopy (MIDAS) Survey: Results from 2001
L. F. Lim (Cornell University and NASA/GSFC), J. F. Bell, T. H. McConnochie (Cornell University), B. E. Clark (Ithaca College), T. L. Hayward (Gemini Observatory)
4.08 Probing the Asteroid Belt with 2MASS
M.V. Sykes (Univ. Arizona), R.M. Cutri, J.W. Fowler (Cal Tech), D.J. Tholen (Univ. Hawaii), M.F. Skrutskie (Univ. Virginia), S. Price (AFRL/VSBC)
4.09 Intuition and Experience: Asteroid Surfaces, Meteorites and Planetary Geosciences in microgravity
D. W. G. Sears, S. R. Moore, S. Nichols, M. Kareev, P. H. Benoit (University of Arkansas)

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