DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 34. Titan

Poster, Chair(s): , Thursday, October 10, 2002, 4:00-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

34.01 Impact of the Seasonal Variations of Composition on the Temperature Field of Titan's Stratosphere
S. Lebonnois, F. Hourdin (LMD, Jussieu, France), P. Rannou (SA, Jussieu, France), D. Luz (LESIA, Meudon, France), D. Toublanc (CESR, Toulouse, France)
34.02 Cloud Lifetimes in Titan's Atmosphere: Results from Microphysical Modeling
E. L. Barth, O. B. Toon (LASP,University of Colorado)
34.03 Sputtering of Nitrogen from Titan by the interaction of Saturn's magnetospheric plasma with Titan's thermosphere
M. Michael, R.E. Johnson (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 22904), J.G. Luhmann (Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley)
34.04 Characterizing the Methane and Haze Distribution in Titan's Lower Atmosphere
C.M. Anderson, N.J. Chanover (New Mexico State University), C.P. Mckay (NASA/ARC), P. Rannou (Universite de Paris), D.A. Glenar (NASA/GSFC), J. Hillman (University of Maryland)
34.05 Characterization of the Zonal Wind Flow in the Stratosphere of Titan with UVES
D. Luz, R. Courtin, D. Gautier (Paris-Meudon Observatory, LESIA, France), F. Ferri (CNES, France), T. Appourchaux, J.-P. Lebreton (ESA, ESTEC, The Netherlands), M. Cabane, P. Rannou (Service d'Aeronomie, Univ. Paris 6, France), F. Hourdin (Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique, Paris, France), L. Lara (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, Granada , Spain), A. Kaufer (ESO, Paranal, Chile)
34.06 Numerical Modeling of Titan's Stratosphere by a Two-dimensional Coupled Model
X. Zhu (The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
34.07 Titan's atmospheric chemistry and the optical properties of resulting tholins
H. Imanaka, B.N. Khare, E.L.O. Bakes (SETI Inst./NASA Ames Research Center), C.P. McKay (NASA Ames Research Center), J.E. Elsila, D.R. Mcglothlin, R.N. Zare (Stanford University), S. Sugita, T. Matsui (Univ. of Tokyo)
34.08 A FUSE Search for Argon on Titan
G. R. Gladstone, R. Link, S. A. Stern (SwRI), M. Festou (Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees), J. H. Waite (University of Michigan)
34.09 On the latitudinal distribution of Titan's haze at the Voyager epoch
A. Negrao, M. Roos-Serote (Lisbon Astron. Obs. / FCUL), P. Rannou (Univ. Paris 6/ Service d'Aeronomie CNRS), K. Rages, C. McKay (NASA/Ames)

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