DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 24. Rings and Dust

Oral, Chair(s): H.B. Throop and N.J. Rappaport, Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 11:20am-12:50pm, Room M

24.01 The Chaotic Dynamics of Prometheus and Pandora
N.J. Rappaport (JPL), P. Goldreich (Caltech)
24.02 High Resolution F ring Simulations with an Eccentric Prometheus
M. C. Lewis (Trinity University), G. R. Stewart (Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics)
24.03 The Orbits of Metis and Adrastea: The Origin and Significance of their Inclinations.
M.W. Evans, C.C. Porco (SwRI), D.P. Hamilton (U.~Maryland)
24.04 Radar Imaging of Saturn's Rings.
P. D. Nicholson, D. B. Campbell (Cornell), R. G. French (Wellesley College), J-L. Margot (Caltech), G. J. Black (NRAO), M. Nolan (NAIC)
24.05 A Photometric Model of Saturn's Inclined F Ring
B. R. Scharringhausen, P. D. Nicholson (Cornell University)
24.06 The outer edge of Saturn's B-ring
F. Namouni, C. Porco (Southwest Research Institute)
24.07 New Results on Particle Properties and Evolution of the Jovian Main Ring
H. B. Throop, C. Porco (SwRI), R. West (JPL), L. W. Esposito (CU / LASP), M. R. Showalter (NASA/Ames)
24.08 On the Azimuthal Asymmetries in the Main Ring of Jupiter
S.M. Brooks, L.W. Esposito (LASP, University of Colorado), M.R. Showalter (Stanford University), H.B. Throop (Southwest Research Institute)
24.09 SL9 Dust in the Jovian System?
A.V. Krivov (U. Potsdam), H. Krueger (MPI-K, Heidelberg), M. Horanyi (U. Colorado), F. Spahn (U. Potsdam)

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