DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 13. Outer Planets: Atmospheric Dynamics, Clouds

Oral, Chair(s): G.S. Orton and K.A. Rages, Tuesday, October 8, 2002, 1:30-3:30pm, Room M

13.01 A Cold Hole at the Pole of Jupiter
G. S. Orton, B. M. Fisher, K. H. Baines, T. W. Momary (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), O. D. Fox (Boston U.)
13.02 Topographic Radio Imaging of Jupiter
I. de Pater (UC Berkeley), R.J. Sault, C. Engel (ATNF)
13.03 Jovian lightning observed by the Cassini ISS
U. Dyudina, A. Del Genio (GISS, New York), C. Porco (Southwest Research Institute), J. Barbara (GISS, New York), ISS Team
13.04 Effects of Moist Convection on Jupiter's Large-scale Circulation
A.P. Showman (Univ. Arizona)
13.05 Numerical Simulations of Disturbances and Vortices in Jupiter's Strongest Jet
E. Garcia-Melendo (Esteve Duran Observatory Fundation, Seva, Spain), A. Sanchez-Lavega (Universidad País Vasco, Bilbao, Spain), T. Dowling (University of Louisville, USA), R. Morales-Juberías (Universidad País Vasco, Bilbao, Spain)
13.06 Probing the Dynamics of a Planetary Atmosphere by Analyzing Small Scale Temperature Variations
K. Matcheva, P. Drossart, E. Raynaud, B. Sicardy (LESIA, Paris Observatory-Meudon)
13.07 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Atmospheric Dynamics in Saturn's South Pole from 1997 to 2002
A. Sánchez-Lavega, S. Pérez-Hoyos (Universidad Pais Vasco (Spain)), R. G. French (Wellesley College)
13.08 Statisitcal Modeling of Phosphine Variation in Saturn's Troposphere
P. A. Yanamandra-Fisher, A. Braverman, G. S. Orton, B. M. Fisher (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
13.09 Seasonal Evolution of Uranus' South Polar Cap
K. A. Rages (SETI Inst.), H. B. Hammel (Space Sci. Inst.), G. W. Lockwood (Lowell Obs.), M. Marley (NASA Ames)
13.10 The Deep Troposphere of Uranus from 1981 to 2002
M.D. Hofstadter (JPL/Caltech), B.J. Butler (NRAO)
13.11 HST Observations of Neptune in 2002
L. A. Sromovsky, P. M. Fry (Univ. of Wisconsin), K. H. Baines (JPL), S. S. Limaye (Univ. of Wisconsin)
13.12 The Motions and Morphologies of cloud features on Neptune: continued monitoring with Keck Adaptive Optics
S.C. Martin, I. de Pater (UC Berkeley), S.G. Gibbard, B.A. Macintosh (LLNL), H.G. Roe (UC Berkeley), C.E. Max (LLNL)

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