DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
Session 34. Titan
Poster, Chair(s): , Thursday, October 10, 2002, 4:00-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

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[34.09] On the latitudinal distribution of Titan's haze at the Voyager epoch

A. Negrao, M. Roos-Serote (Lisbon Astron. Obs. / FCUL), P. Rannou (Univ. Paris 6/ Service d'Aeronomie CNRS), K. Rages, C. McKay (NASA/Ames)

In this work, we re-analyse a total of 10 high phase angle images of Titan (2 from Voyager 1 and 8 from Voyager 2). The images were acquired in different filters of the Voyager Imaging Sub System in 1980 - 1981. We apply a model, developed and used by Rannou etal. (1997) and Cabane etal. (1992), that calculates the vertical (1-D) distribution of haze particles and the I/F radial profiles as a function of a series of parameters. Two of these parameters, the haze particle production rate (P) and imaginary refractive index (xk), are used to obtain fits to the observed I/F profiles at different latitudes. Differerent from previous studies is that we consider all filters simultaneously, in an attempt to better fix the parameter values. We also include the filter response functions, not considered previously. The results show that P does not change significantly as a function of latitude, eventhough somewhat lower values are found at high northern latitudes. xk seems to increase towards southern latitudes. We will compare our results with GCM runs, that can give the haze distribution at the epoch of the observations.

Work financed by portuguese Foundation for Science and Tecnology (FCT), contract ESO/PRO/40157/2000

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