DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
Session 25. Prize Lectures
Invited, Chair(s): W. Huntress, Wednesday, October 9, 2002, 2:20-4:20pm, Ballroom

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[25.01] Education and Public Outreach Opportunities for Ordinary Planetary Scientists

H. B. Hammel (Space Science Institute)

If you think education and public outreach (E/PO) means just doing a public lecture or giving a solar system slide show to a third grade class, please come to this talk (note: you can do great E/PO without ever speaking a word in public!) If you think good E/PO material is just a CD about the mission on which you are working or a poster about the electromagnetic spectrum, please come to this talk (educators don't need more ``coasters" and ``wall paper"!). Planetary scientists can contribute to a tremendous range of E/PO opportunities, and there are multiple ways to connect to on-going E/PO efforts. I will explain what E/PO is and what it is not. I will also provide my personal take on navigating the current (evolving) NASA E/PO system, with information on who to contact to explore ideas. This talk is for ordinary planetary scientists, not ``black-belt" education specialists. Words like ``pedagogical" and ``inquiry-based" will be defined if they are ever even used, and it will not be assumed that you know what NSES stands for. My hope for this lecture is that each listener will glean a better understanding of what E/PO really is, and how he or she can get involved in a way appropriate to his or her skills and interests.

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