DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
Session 8. Inner Planets
Oral, Chair(s): T. Widemann and R.M. Nelson, Monday, October 7, 2002, 4:00-5:00pm, Room M

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[8.05] Coherent Backscattering in Los Albedo Media

R. M. Nelson (Jet Propulsion Lab), B. W. Hapke (University of Pittsburgh), A. S. Hale, W. D. Smythe (Jet Propulsion Lab), J. Piatek (University of Pittsburgh)

The opposition effect [1] observed in phase curves of materials in the lab and on planetary surfaces is attributed to two processes: 'shadow hiding opposition effect' (SHOE) and 'coherent backscattering opposition effect' (CBOE) [2,3,4]. The relative contributions of SHOE and CBOE are studied by measuring reflectance phase curves in circularly polarized light. If single scattering predominates, the circular polarization ratio (CPR) decreases with decreasing phase angle. If multiple scattering predominates, the CPR strongly increases. We observed this increase in CPR in highly reflective media [5,6,7]. In low reflectance media most of the returned signal is singly scattered and CPR is not expected to sharply increase. We have found that most such materials indeed exhibit only a slight CPR increase. However, lunar soils show a strong CPR increase [8]. Recently we encountered another interesting counter example in Boron Carbide-a material with albedo even lower than the Moon's. We find a significant CPR increase, a result inconsistent with the conventional interpretation of CBOE [8]. This suggests that albedo alone is not the principal regulator of CBOE. This CBOE may be due to multiple scattering within individual particles [10]. Unusual particle shapes may facilitate this process. Understanding this behavior contributes to the development of models that can retrieve textural properties from remote sensing data. Work performed at JPL/PITT under NASA PG&G grants.

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