DPS 34th Meeting, October 2002
Session 39. Laboratory Investigations
Oral, Chair(s): J. Allen and R.A. Baragiola, Friday, October 11, 2002, 8:45-10:15 and 10:45-11:15am, Ballroom

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[39.03] Submillimeter Spectroscopy of Low Temperature Gases

E.H. Wishnow (LLNL), H.P. Gush, M. Halpern, I. Ozier (U. British Columbia)

Submillimeter absorption spectra of nitrogen, nitrogen-argon mixtures, methane, and CO-hydrogen mixtures have been measured at pressures and temperatures near to those found in the atmospheres of Titan and Saturn. The experiments show the spectra signatures of dimers which will likely appear in the far-infrared spectra of Titan and Saturn that will be obtained by the Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS) onboard the Cassini spacecraft. The recent CIRS spectrum of Jupiter shows spectra lines of methane and the corresponding lines have been observed in the laboratory. New experimental data obtained with a differential Michelson interferometer and cryogenic abosorption cell system that operates over the frequency region 3--25 cm(-1) will be presented.

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