AAS 200th meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 64. New Developments in Ground Based Instrumentation

Display, Wednesday, June 5, 2002, 10:00am-7:00pm, SW Exhibit Hall

64.01 The Low Frequency Array (LOFAR): Opening a New Window on the Universe
T. J. W. Lazio, N. E. Kassim (NRL), W. C. Erickson (U. MD), B. C. Hicks, P. C. Crane, K. P. Stewart, P. S. Ray, K. W. Weiler, L. J Rickard (NRL)
64.02 The Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT)
J.S. Young (Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Mass., Amherst, MA), L. Carrasco (Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica, Mexico), F.P. Schloerb (Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Mass., Amherst, MA)
64.03 Scientific Potential of Solar VLBI Using Remote SRTs
M.L. Cobb (Southeast Missouri State University)
64.04 A Photon-Counting Spectrophotometer for Optical Astronomy
W. T. Vestrand, K. Albright, D. Casperson, E. Fenimore, C. Ho, W. Priedhorsky, R. Shirey, R. White, J. Wren (LANL)
64.05 A New Optical Design for Imaging Spectroscopy
K. L. Thompson (Stanford)
64.06 A New Prime Focus Camera for the Wyoming Infrared Telescope
M. J. Pierce, H. L. Nations (University of Wyoming)
64.07 A Fiber-Coupled, VPH Grating Spectrograph for the Wyoming Infrared Observatory
H. L. Nations, M. J. Pierce (University of Wyoming)
64.08 Plans for a 1.8-m Adaptive Optics Telescope and a 1.1-m Wide Field Telescope at PARI
J. D. Cline, M. W. Castelaz (PARI)
64.09 Real-time Multiobject Spectroscopy with Scattering LCDs
J.T. Stocke, B.A. Keeney (CASA, Univ. of Colorado), D.K. Yang (Liquid Crystal Inst., Kent St. Univ.)
64.10 A Characterization Of The GNAT SciTech STAR Class 0.5m Prototype Telescope
J.C. Barentine, R.B. Culver (CSU/GNAT)
64.11 Moving Object and Transient Event Search System (MOTESS): An Economical Optical Survey Prototype
R.A. Tucker (Goodricke-Pigott Observatory)
64.12 Moving Object and Transient Event Search System (MOTESS): An Evaluation of Photometric Properties/Low Amplitude Stellar Variation Measurements
E.R. Craine (WRC/GNAT), R.A. Tucker (G-PObs/GNAT), M.S. Giampapa (NSO), W.W.G. Scharlach (GNAT)

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