AAS 200th meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 40. Evolution of Galaxies, Galaxy Surveys, IGM

Display, Tuesday, June 4, 2002, 10:00am-6:30pm, SW Exhibit Hall

40.01 The Ages of Early-Type Galaxies at Redshifts of z~1-2
M. J. Wolf, K. Gebhardt (Univ. of Texas at Austin), G. J. Hill (McDonald Observatory / Univ. of Texas at Austin)
40.02 Deep X-ray Surveys and the X-ray Evolution of Galaxies
R.E. Griffiths, T. Miyaji (Carnegie Mellon University), D. Lumb (ESTEC)
40.03 Statistical and Physical Factors that Influence the Correlation Between Far-Infrared and Radio Continuum Emission in Galaxies
J. Mazzarella (Caltech, IPAC), S. Lefranc (IfA, U. Hawaii), B. Madore (Caltech, IPAC & OCIW), G. Helou (Caltech, IPAC/SSC)
40.04 Near-Infrared Properties of the KISS Emission-Line Galaxies
S. M. Chung, A. Jangren, J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan U.)
40.05 Spectroscopic Properties of a Large Sample of KISS Emission-Line Galaxy Candidates
A. Jangren, J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan University), G. Wegner (Dartmouth College), C. Gronwall (Johns Hopkins University), J. Melbourne (University of California, Santa Cruz)
40.06 The Bivariate Brightness Distribution of Galaxies as a Function of Spectral Type.
N.J.G Cross (St. Andrews, JHU), S.P. Driver (St. Andrews, ANU), D.J. Lemon, J. Liske (St. Andrews), W.J. Couch (UNSW), 2dFGRS Team
40.07 The Las Campanas Nearby Cluster Survey: II. Galaxy Luminosity Functions from Deep Spectroscopic Samples
D. Christlein, A.I. Zabludoff (Steward Observatory)
40.08 Distant Disk Galaxies: Kinematics and Evolution to Redshift z = 1.3
N. P. Vogt (New Mexico State University), A. C. Phillips (University of California, Santa Cruz), Deep Extragalactic Evolutionary Probe (DEEP) Collaboration, European Network on the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies (TMR) Collaboration
40.09 A search for molecular gas at the far end of the Hubble sequence
T. Boeker (STScI), U. Lisenfeld (IAA), E. Schinnerer (Caltech)
40.10 Hot Gas in Sprial-Rich Galaxy Groups as the Missing Link?
D. Burstein (Arizona State University), G. R. Blumenthal (University of California, Santa Cruz)
40.11 A New Extremely Low-Metallicity Galaxy Discovered in the SDSS
A. Y. Kniazev, E. K. Grebel (MPIA), L. Hao, M. A. Strauss (Princeton U.)
40.12 Interacting/merging pairs in the SDSS EDR
S. S. Allam (NRIAG), D. L. Tucker (Fermilab)
40.13 Survey and analysis of QSO fields with known z ~3 Damped Lyman \alpha systems
J. Cooke, A. M. Wolfe, E. Gawiser (CASS, UCSD), J. X. Prochaska (Carnegie Obs.)
40.14 Galaxies as Fluctuations in the Ionizing Background Radiation at Low Redshift
S. M. Linder (Cardiff University)
40.15 Identifying Moderate Redshift Damped Lyman-alpha Galaxies
L.J. Storrie-Lombardi, M. Lacy (SIRTF Science Center ), R.H. Becker (IGPP/LLNL, U.C. Davis)
40.16 Ages and Metallicities of Extragalactic Globular Clusters and Galaxies from Near-UV Spectra
R. C. Peterson (Astrophysical Advances and UCO/Lick), B. W. Carney (U North Carolina), B. Dorman (Emergent IT), W. Landsman (SSAI), E. M. Green, J. Liebert (U Arizona), R. W. O'Connell, R. T. Rood (U Virginia)
40.17 Dust Attenuation in Lyman Break Galaxies
U. P. Vijh, A. N. Witt (University of Toledo), K. D. Gordon (University of Arizona)
40.18 Science from the refurbished FOS/BLUE archive: Interstellar absorption lines in a sample of low red-shift quasars
F. Kerber (ST-ECF), B. Wills (UT, Austin), A. Alexov, P. Bristow (ST-ECF), A. Seifarth (Univ. Jena), M.R. Rosa (ST-ECF)
40.19 Spectral Evidence for Widespread Galaxy Outflows at z>4
B. Frye (Princeton University), T. Benitez (Johns Hopkins), T. Broadhurst (Hebrew University)

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