AAS 200th meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 38. Solar Photosphere, Chromosphere and Transition Region

Display, Tuesday, June 4, 2002, 10:00am-6:30pm, SW Exhibit Hall

38.01 High-Resolution Imaging of the Solar Photosphere Using Simultaneous G-Band and Continuum Observations
A. A. van Ballegooijen, P. Nisenson (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
38.02 Stokes Asymmetries In and Around Sunspots
K. D. Leka (Colorado Research Associates Div., NWRA)
38.03 Evolution of Filamentary Structures in and around a Large Solar Pore
G. W. Simon (Emeritus Research Services, AFRL,NSO), I. Dorotovic (Slovak Central Observatory, Hurbanovo), M. Sobotka (Czech Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov), P.N. Brandt (Kiepenheuer Institut, Freiburg)
38.04 Properties of Faculae and Pores
Y. Xu, C. Denker, T. Spirock (BBSO/NJIT), J. Qiu (NJIT), J. Jing, J. Ma, H. Wang (BBSO/NJIT)
38.05 Mesogranulation from Principal Component Analysis of SVST Photospheric Continuum Images
E. Bell, A. C. Cadavid, J. K. Lawrence (Calfornia State University, Northridge), T. E. Berger (Lockheed Martin Space and Astrophysics Laboratory)
38.06 Further Studies of the Bolometric Contrast of Sunspots
G.A. Chapman, A.M. Cookson, J.J. Dobias, S.R. Walton (San Fernando Observatory, California State University, Northridge)
38.07 The Diagnostic Potential of the CaII 8542 spectral line for Stokes I, V Spectropolarimetry
K. S. Balasubramaniam, H. Uitenbroek, J. W. Havey (National Solar Observatory), H Jones (NASA/GSFC - South West Solar Station)
38.08 A Comparison of CME-associated Atmospheric Waves Observed in Coronal (Fe XII 19.5 nm) and Chromospheric (He I 1083 nm) Lines
H. R. Gilbert (HAO/NCAR), B. J. Thompson (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), T. E. Holzer, J. T. Burkepile (HAO/NCAR)
38.09 High Resolution Spatio-Temporal Study of Photospheric and Chromospheric Energetics
A. C. Cadavid, J. K. Lawrence (California State University, Northridge ), T. E. Berger (Lockheed Martin Space and Astrophysics Laboratory)
38.10 The Relationship between SiIV and OIV for Non-thermal Turbulenc Velocity
S. Akiyama (GMU), G.A. Doschek, J.T. Mariska (NRL)
38.11 The Structure of the Lower Solar Transition Region
G. A. Doschek, J. T. Mariska (E. O. Hulburt Center for Space Research, NRL), S. Akiyama (George Mason University/NRL)
38.12 New Analysis of He I 1083 nm Imaging Spectroscopy
O. V. Malanushenko (National Solar Observatory), H. P. Jones (NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center)
38.13 Transient Coronal Holes as seen in the HeI 1083nm Observations
G. de Toma, T. E. Holzer, H. R. Gilbert, J. T. Burkepile (NCAR/HAO), K. L. Harvey (SPRC)

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