AAS 200th meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 19. Instrumentation from Space Observations

Oral, Monday, June 3, 2002, 10:00-11:30am, Ruidoso/Pecos

19.01 An Overview of the HST Advanced Camera for Surveys' On-orbit Performance
G.F. Hartig (Space Telescope Science Institute), H.C. Ford (Johns Hopkins University), G.D. Illingworth (UCSC-Lick Obs.), M. Clampin, R.C. Bohlin, C. Cox, J. Krist, W.B. Sparks (Space Telescope Science Institute), G. De Marchi (ESA), A.R. Martel, W.J. McCann, G.R. Meurer, M. Sirianni, Z. Tsvetanov (Johns Hopkins University), F. Bartko (Bartko Sci. & Tech.), D.J. Lindler (Sigma Space)
19.02 The SuperNova Acceleration Probe: An Overview
S.E. Deustua (LBNL & AAS), SNAP Collaboration
19.03 A Comparison of Approaches to High-Contrast Planet Detection with Space Telescopes
J. E. Krist, M. Clampin (STScI), H. C. Ford (JHU), G. D. Illingworth (UCSC), L. Petro (STScI)
19.04 Recovery of FUSE Attitude Control With Two Reaction Wheels and Magnetic Torquer Bars
T. B. Ake (JHU/CSC), B. F. Class (OSC), B. A. Roberts, J. W. Kruk, W. P. Blair, H. W. Moos (JHU), FUSE Operations Team
19.05 Challenges of FUSE Operations With The New Attitude Control System
B. A. Roberts, T. S. Englar, J. W. Kruk, T. B. Ake, W. P. Blair, H. W. Moos (Johns Hopkins University), FUSE Operations Team
19.06 FUSE Mission Planning With The New Attitude Control System
A.F. Berman, B.A. Roberts, H.M. Calvani, W.P. Blair, T.B. Ake, J.W. Kruk, H.W. Moos (Johns Hopkins University), FUSE Operations Team
19.07 FUSE In-orbit Performance With The New Attitude Control System
H.M. Hart, T.B. Ake (JHU/CSC), D.J. Christian, B.A. Roberts, J.W. Kruk, W.P. Blair, H.W. Moos (JHU), the FUSE Operations Team
19.08 Development of FUSE Gyroless Operations
J.W. Kruk (JHU), B.F. Class (OSC), T.B. Ake (JHU/CSC), H.L. Fisher, W.P. Blair, H.W. Moos (JHU), FUSE Operations Team
19.09 Astronomy Sounding Rockets and the Oriole
W. H. Montag, R. M. Windsor (DTI Associates, Inc)

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