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Session 63. Future Airborne and Space Instruments
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[63.05] Evaluation of a ‘CMOS’ Imager for a Shadow Mask Hard X-Ray Telescope

U.D. Desai, L.E. Orwig (Code 682.0, NASA/GSFC)

We have developed a hard x-ray coder that provides high angular resolution imaging capability using a coarse position-sensitive image plane detector. The coder consists of two Fresnel zone plates (FZP). Two such FZP's generate Moiré fringe patterns whose frequency and orientation define the arrival direction of a beam with respect to the telescope axis. The image plane detector needs to resolve the Moiré fringe pattern. Pixellated detectors can be used as an image plane detector. The recently available ‘CMOS’ imager could provide a very low power large area image plane detector for hard x-rays. We have looked into a unit made by Rad-Icon Imaging Corp. The Shad-o-Box™ 1024 x-ray camera is a high resolution 1024x1024 pixel detector of 50x50 mm area. It is a very low power, stand-alone camera. We present some preliminary results of our evaluation of such a camera.

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