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Session 75. Novae and Cataclysmics
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[75.12] Hydrodynamic Modeling of Cataclysmic Variable Winds and Local Ionization Equilibrium

N. A. Pereyra (University of Pittsburgh), T. R. Kallman (Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA)

We present time-dependent numerical hydrodynamic models of line-driven accretion disk winds in cataclysmic variable systems and calculate wind mass-loss rates and terminal velocities. The models are 2.5-dimensional; include an energy balance condition with radiative heating and cooling processes; and includes local ionization equilibrium with time dependence and spatial dependence of the line-radiation force parameters. The radiation field is assumed to originate from an optically thick accretion disk. Wind ion populations are calculated under the assumption that local ionization equilibrium is determined by photoionization and radiative recombination, similar to a photoionized nebula. We find a steady quasi-stationary wind flowing from the accretion disk. Radiative heating tends to maintain the temperature in the higher density wind regions near the disk surface, rather than cooling adiabatically. For a disk luminosity Ldisk=L\sun, white dwarf mass Mwd=0.6M\sun, and white dwarf radii Rwd=0.01R\sun, we obtain a wind mass-loss rate of \dot Mwind=4 \times 10-12 M\sun {\rm yr}-1, and a terminal velocity of ~3000 {\rm \; km \; s}-1. These results confirm the general velocity and density structures found in our earlier constant ionization equilibrium adiabatic CV wind models. The 2.5D numerical models that we have developed can be extended to AGNs winds where the local ionization equilibrium will play a crucial role in the overall dynamics. This work was developed under the support of the National Science Foundation Grant AST-0071193.

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