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Session 59. Computational Techniques and Data Handling
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[59.04] The Advanced Camera for Surveys Calibration Pipeline Processing

D. Van Orsow, M. Clampin, W.B. Sparks, W. Hack, M. Mutchler (Space Telescope Science Institute)

The Hubble Space Telescope's newly installed Advanced Camera for Surveys will greatly enhance HST's data collecting capabilities. The 4kx4k ACS Wide Field Channel has been requested for the far majority of HST's observing programs in Cycle 11. A calibration pipeline has been developed at the Space Telescope Science Institute to accomodate the era of ACS operations with its increased data volume. Calibration data pipeline processing has been implemented to enable users of the Hubble Data Archive to download ACS images which been bias and dark subtracted, flat fielded, distortion corrected and combined for dithered observations.

ACS will be the first HST instrument with the capability of drizzling installed in the pipeline. The newly developed PyDrizzle task will be automatically run on ACS data, correcting for geometric distortion and combining dithered ACS images.

ACS will be the first HST instrument with the "On The Fly Reprocessing" system in the Hubble Data Archive from the beginning of its observing program. The OTFR system does not require large amounts of data to be archived, but rather generates data "on the fly" as it is requested by the user. OTFR was developed with ACS in mind, due to the large file size of the uncalibrated WFC (68.7MB) and calibrated WFC (168MB) images.

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