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Session 28. Living with A Star
Oral, Monday, June 3, 2002, 2:00-3:30pm, San Miguel

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[28.04] Evidence of 3-Part Structure in Magnetic Clouds-ICMEs Using Frontside Halo CMEs

D. F. Webb (ISR, Boston College), R. P. Lepping (LEP, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center), D. E. Larson (SSL, University of California, Berkeley )

The large amount of data obtained during this solar cycle on both the solar and interplanetary characteristics of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) provides an unprecedented opportunity to advance our understanding of the structure and development of CMEs. Recent studies with SOHO, TRACE, Yohkoh and ground-based radio imaging have provided insights into the solar dynamics and source regions of CMEs. In situ observations in the heliosphere, especially near 1 AU by the ACE, Wind and NEAR spacecraft, have revealed new insights the structures within CMEs that can be related to their solar origins. Observations of frontside halo CMEs are particularly useful for this because their source regions are well observed near the center of the solar disc and spacecraft near Earth can sample the interior structure of the CMEs along their axes. Here we report on preliminary results of a study of frontside halo CMEs associated with magnetic cloud/flux ropes observed at Wind. The focus is on the characteristics of the clouds that can be related to CME structures observed near the Sun, particularly the frequency and location of any cool and/or dense plasma. Such structures are indicative of solar filament material which forms the core of the classic 3-part structure of CMEs. This work is supported by NASA LWS grant NAG5-10833.

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