AAS 200th meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June 2002
Session 4. Helioseismology and the Solar Interior
Display, Monday, June 3, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, SW Exhibit Hall

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[4.06] Spatial Resolution of Merged GONG+ High-Degree Acoustic Spectra

K.J. Gressett, J.A. Pintar, C.G. Toner (GONG-NSO)

The Global Oscillation Network Group has finished upgrading its CCD cameras from 256 by 242 pixels (``GONG Classic") to 1024 by 1024 pixels (``GONG+"). Power spectra have been produced for a range of spherical harmonic degrees from 0 through 1200 using the merged time series of a network day assembled from the GONG+ observing sites. These spectra illustrate the spatial resolution of the GONG+ network as well as the effectiveness of the merging process at high degrees and indicate that the GONG+ network will produce useful information to the limits set by the atmosphere and the instrumentation optics.

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