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Session 72. Degenerates
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[72.02] The Compact Central Source of the SNR G266.2-1.2

O. Kargaltsev, G. G. Pavlov, D. Sanwal, G. P. Garmire (PSU)

We observed the compact central object CXOU J085201.4-461753 in the supernova remnant G266.2-1.2 (``Vela Junior'') with the Chandra ACIS detector in timing mode. The spectrum of this object is best described by a blackbody model with the temperature kT=404±5 eV and radius of emitting region R=0.28±0.01 km, at a distance of 1 kpc. Power-law and thermal plasma models do not fit the source spectrum. The spectrum shows a marginally significant feature at 1.68 keV. The significance of period candidates in the power spectrum is too low to claim the detection of a periodic signal. We set an upper limit of 13% on the pulsed fraction in the 0.001-100 Hz range. We find no evidence for long-term variability of the source flux, and no evidence for extended emission around the central object. We suggest that CXOU J085201.4-461753 is a neutron star, similar to the central source of the Cas A SNR.

This work was partially supported by NASA grant NAG5-10865.

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