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Session 74. Stellar Atmospheres and Circumstellar Material
Display, Thursday, June 6, 2002, 9:20am-4:00pm, SW Exhibit Hall

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[74.15] CHANDRA Observations of the Corona of AU Mic (dM1e)

J.L. Linsky (JILA/Univ. Colorado and NIST), A. Brown, R.A. Osten (CASA/Univ. Colorado)

The dM1e flare star AU Mic (HD 197481, Gl 803) is the most luminous flare star in X-rays within 10 pc of the Sun. We observed the star in November 2000 for 60 ks using Chandra's High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer and ACIS-S detector. Since the X-ray flux was remarkably constant during this interval with only one small flare, the results we present refer to the quiescent state of the stellar corona.

We have analyzed the Chandra spectra using the approach described by Osten et al (2002) for the analysis of similar observations of the active binary \sigma2 CrB. We used CIAO2.0 "threads" and custom IDL procedures applied to the reprocessed Level 2 file. For the spectral line identification and atomic parameters, we used the APEC v1.10 line list. We derive the coronal emission measure distribution and abundances from the emission lines and continuum in the Chandra data set and the emission lines observed by EUVE during similar quiescent periods. The coronal model is compared with the fluxes of Fe XXI 1354A observed by STIS and Fe XVIII 975A observed by FUSE and with the lower temperature emission measure distribution obtained by Pagano et al (2000) from quiescent STIS observations.

We acknowledge support by NASA through grant H-04630D to NIST and the University of Colorado.

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