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Session 57. Living with a Star
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[57.01] An Analysis of Hysteresis Effects in Solar Activity Variation

K. T. Bachmann, K. Nautiyal, V. te Velde (Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics)

We pass several well-known, long-term indicators of solar activity through a two-year Gaussian filter in order to remove all variations except those related to the overall 11-year solar-activity cycle. When plotting these filtered time sequences against each other, we see loop-like structures indicating that some indices lead others by time periods from a few days up to few months. We organize these so-called hysteresis plots into single loops spanning time periods from solar minimum to solar minimum, and we use the 10.7-cm flux as a comparison standard.

The analysis of our hysteresis plots includes (1) systematic computation and tabulation of lead times in days as a function of solar cycle number and (2) presentation of evidence that the current solar cycle is developing in a different manner than the previous four cycles. We discuss the consistency of measured lead times over two to four solar cycles, and we relate these times to short-term temporal variations and to physical processes in the solar atmosphere.

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