AAS 200th meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June 2002
Session 15. SNRs and PNe
Display, Monday, June 3, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, SW Exhibit Hall

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[15.08] Analysis of Low Frequency Observations of SNRs and HII Regions in the Galactic Field Centered on G29.7-0.3

A.K. Whaley, C.K. Lacey (U. of South Carolina), C.L. Brogan (NRAO), N. Kassim, T.J.W. Lazio (NRL), M. Nord (NRL/UNM)

We present a preliminary analysis of a wide-field Very Large Array (VLA) observation of the Galactic field centered on supernova remnant G29.7-0.3 at 330 and 74 MHz. These unique observations provide an unparalleled view of this rich, inner Galactic field at high resolution and low frequency. Over 40 sources have been identified in this field and the supernova remnants (SNRs) and HII Regions have been identified from spectral analysis and comparisons with previous radio surveys in this region. When combined with existing high frequency data, this data provides sensitive spectra over a wide range of radio frequencies. The properties of the SNRs are investigated and the SNRs with low frequency turnovers due to intervening low density ionized gas (similar to the case of W49B) are included in a separate list.

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