AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 98. Blazars and Other AGN Jets

Display, Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

98.01 CMVA and VLBA 3mm Observations of Vir A.
B. Junor (University of New Mexico), J. Biretta (Space Telescope Science Institute)
98.02 A High Resolution X-ray Image of the Jet in M 87
B.P. Miller, H.L. Marshall, D.S. Davis (MIT CSR), E.S. Perlman (UMBC, JHU), M. Wise, C.R. Canizares (MIT CSR), D.E. Harris (SAO)
98.03 Optical Observations of the Gamma-ray Blazar PKS 1622-297
B.R. Kent (SARA, West Virginia University), J.R. Webb (SARA, Florida International University)
98.04 Multifrequency Monitoring of the Blazar PKS 2005--489
T.A. Rector (NOAO), E.S. Perlman (UMBC), R. Sambruna (GMU), G. Madejski (SLAC), F. Rantakyro (ESO), CANGAROO Collaboration
98.05 An Investigation of the Optical Microvariability for the Blazar 3C 446
J.P. McFarland, H.R. Miller, A.M. Williams, E.C. Ferrara (Georgia State University), J.C. Noble (Boston University)
98.06 Confirmed Identification of the BL Lac Object 3EG J0433+2908
J. V. Foreman (Berry College), M. Eracleous (Pennsylvania State University), J. P. Halpern (Columbia University), D. J. Thompson (Goddard Space Flight Center), P. M. Wallace (Berry College)
98.07 Multi-frequency, Multi-epoch VLBA Polarimetry Observations of the Blazar J1058+0133
L. K. Pollack (University of California, Berkeley), J. M. Attridge (MIT Haystack Observatory), J. F. C. Wardle (Brandeis University)
98.08 A Second Epoch of 86 GHz CMVA Polarimetry Observations of the Quasars 3C273 and 3C279
J. M. Attridge (MIT Haystack Observatory), J. F. C. Wardle (Brandeis University), D. C. Homan (NRAO), T. P. Krichbaum (MPfIR), A. Greve (IRAM)
98.09 Microvariability of the Blazar 3C 279 During the 2001 Optical Outburst
T.J. Balonek, J.S. Kartaltepe (Colgate Univ.)
98.10 Optical Outbursts of the Blazar BL Lacertae in 2000-2001
L. F. Brown (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Connecticut College), T. J. Balonek (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Colgate University), J. L. Beem (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Connecticut College), E. K. Fryer, M. A. Caler (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Colgate University), C. S. Peters (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Connecticut College)
98.11 Color Variations of BL Lac
S. D. Clements (Florida Institute of Technology, Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy)
98.12 Recent Results on Structure, Kinematics, Spectra, and Polarization of Parsec-scale Jets in Lobe-dominated Quasars
D. H. Hough, N. Wing, J. P. Linick (Trinity U.), S. M. Escobedo (Trinity U. and San Antonio College)
98.13 Oblique Shocks in AGN Jet Flows
H.D. Aller, M.F. Aller, P.A. Hughes (U. Mich.), J.F.C. Wardle, D.H. Roberts (Brandeis U.), D.C. Homan (NRAO)
98.14 Low Frequency Radio Observations of 3C 129
W.M. Lane (NRL), D.E. Harris (CfA), T.A. Ensslin (MPA-Garching), N.E. Kassim (NRL), R.A. Perley (NRAO)
98.15 A View from the Edge: The Disk and Bidirectional jets of the Compact Symmetric Object 1946+708
G.B. Taylor (NRAO), A.B. Peck (MPIfR/CfA), H. Smith (NRAO/Smith College)
98.16 Two-epoch RXTE Observations of Mrk501
E. Chapman, R.M. Sambruna (GMU)
98.17 Optical-TeV Multifrequency Observations of Mkn 421 During the 2000-1 Season
P. M. Nied (Metro. St. Col. of Denver), A. C. Sadun, M. Kelly, V. Phillips, P. Baca, J. Holt, A. Galadari (U. Colorado--Denver), P. Boltwood (Boltwood Obs.), H. Krawczynski (Yale U., MPIK Heidelberg), F. Aharonian, D. Horns (MPIK Heidelberg)

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