AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 85. The Galactic Center

Display, Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Monroe/Lincoln

85.01 The UMass/Columbia Galactic Center Chandra Survey: Multiwavelength Counterparts of X-ray Sources
C.C. Lang, Q.D. Wang (UMass), E.V. Gotthelf (Columbia)
85.02 The UMass/Columbia Galactic Center Chandra Survey: Preliminary X-ray Imaging, Spectral, and Timing Analysis
E. V. Gotthelf (Columbia U.), Q. D. Wang, C. C. Lang (U. of Massachusetts), F. Jagodzinski (Columbia U.)
85.03 The Spatial Profile of the X-ray Emission from Sagittarius A*
F.K. Baganoff, M.W. Bautz, G.R. Ricker (MIT ), W.N. Brandt, E.D. Feigelson, G.P. Garmire, L.K. Townsley (Penn State), Y. Maeda (ISAS), M. Morris (UCLA)
85.04 Removing Point Sources from NICMOS Continuum and Emission Line Images of the Galactic Center
S.R. Stolovy (SSC/Caltech), D. Elliott (JPL), D. Makovoz (SSC/Caltech)
85.05 MIR Imaging of the Galactic Center: Dust Temperature and Opacity in the Central Parsec
A. Cotera (Steward Observatory), A. Tanner, M. Morris, A. Ghez, E. Becklin (U.C.L.A), M. Werner (Caltech/JPL)
85.06 Temperature, Opacity, and Kinematics of NH3 at the Galactic Center
R.S. McGary, P.T.P. Ho (CfA), A.L. Coil (UC-Berkeley)
85.07 Low Frequency Radio Transients in the Galactic Center
S.D. Hyman, A.L. Bartleson (Sweet Briar College), T.J.W. Lazio, N.E. Kassim (Naval Research Laboratory)
85.08 The Intrinsic Variability of Sgr A* at Radio Wavelengths
G.C. Bower (UC-Berkeley), R.S. McGary, J.-H. Zhao (CfA), W.M. Goss (NRAO-Socorro)
85.09 Shrinking of Binaries in a WIMPY Background at the Galactic Center
J.G. Hills (Los Alamos National Lab)

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