AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 8. Instruments for HST and NGST

Display, Monday, January 7, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

8.01 HST Wide Field and Planetary Camera II Status Update
I. Heyer, J. Biretta, S. Baggett, S. Gonzaga, A. Koekemoer, L. Lubin, J. Mack, M. McMaster, V. Platais, A. Schultz (STScI)
8.02 The Advanced Camera for Surveys
H.C. Ford (The Johns Hopkins University), Advanced Camera for Surveys Science Team
8.03 STIS Status after the Switch to Side-2, Calibration and Time-Tag Fixes
J. E. Davies, T. M. Brown, P. Goudfrooij, C. Proffitt, K. C. Sahu, D. Stys, J. Valenti (STScI)
8.04 The Planning and Scheduling of HST: Improvements and Enhancements since Launch
D. K. Taylor, D. R. Chance, I. J. E. Jordan, A. P. Patterson, M. Stanley, D. C. Taylor (STScI)
8.05 The NGST Near-Infrared Spectrometer: The Science Case and Main Drivers
P. Jakobsen (ESA/ESTEC), S. Arribas (STScI), D. Burgarella (LAM), P. Caraveo (CNR), J. Cornelisse (ESA/ESTEC), R. Davies (Durham), A. Ferrara (Arcetri), R. Fosbury (ST-ECF), J. Hjorth (Copenhagen), O. Le Fevre (LAM), M. McCaugrean (AIP), M. Regan (STScI), P. Schneider (Bonn), M. Ward (Leicester), G. Wright (UK-ATC), E. van Dishoeck (Leiden)
8.06 Confusion limits on Spectra taken with the Next generation Space Telescope Near-Infrared Multi-Object Spectrograph
W. Freudling (ST-ECF, ESO), S. Arribas (STScI, ESA), S. Cristiani (ST-ECF, ESO), R. Fosbury (ST-ECF, ESA), P. Jakobsen (ESTEC, ESA), N. Pirzkal (ST-ECF, ESO)
8.07 Effects of Facet, Pixel, and Slit Dimensions on the Performance of a MEMS Type Spectrograph for NGST
S. Arribas (ESA/STScI), P. Jakobsen (ESA/ESTEC), R. Fosbury (ESA/ST-ECF), W. Freudling (ESO/ST-ECF)
8.08 Development of Silicon Micromirrors for the Next Generation Space Telescope
E. J. Garcia, M. A. Polosky, G. E. Sleefe, R. Habbit, J. C. Zamora (Sandia National Laboratories), M. A. Greenhouse (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
8.09 Micro Mirror Array development for the NGST Near Infrared Spectrometer
J.W. MacKenty (STScI), S.B. Dutta (NASA/GSFC), NGST MMA Team
8.10 Microshutter Arrays for the NGST NIRSpec
M. Harvey, S. Aslam, K.A. Blumenstock (GSFC/NASA), R.K. Fettig, D.E. Franz (RITSS/GSFC/NASA), A.S. Kutyrev (SSAI/GSFC/NASA), J. Laughlin, M.J. Li, S.H. Moseley, D.B. Mott (GSFC/NASA), D.A. Rapchun (GST/NASA/GSFC), D.S. Schwinger, S. Manthripragada, R.P. Wesenberg, Y. Zheng (GSFC/NASA)

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