AAS 199th meeting, Washington, DC, January 2002
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 62. Dwarf Novae and Other Cataclysmic Variables

Display, Tuesday, January 8, 2002, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

62.01 Multi-Component Synthetic Spectral Analyses of Three Peculiar Dwarf Novae
L. M. Winter, E. M. Sion (Villanova Un.)
62.02 FUSE FUV Spectroscopy of the Recent, Unexpected Outburst of WZ Sagittae
K. S. Long, C. S. Froning (STScI), C. Knigge (Southampton), E. M. Sion (Villanova), P. Szkody (Univ. of Washington)
62.03 FUSE Observations of the Dwarf Nova VW Hydri During Quiescence
E. M. Sion, F. H. Chang (Villanova Un.), K. S. Long (STScI), P. Szkody (Un. of Washington)
62.04 Radio Observations of V445 Puppis
M.P. Rupen, V. Dhawan, A.J. Mioduszewski (NRAO)
62.05 Photometry of the Eclipsing Bright Classical Nova V1494 Aql: Light Curve Oscillations and Mapping the Variable Accretion Disk
D.H. Bradstreet, F.D. Jewett, D.P. Steelman (Eastern University), E.F. Guinan, J.C. Tracey, G.P. McCook (Villanova University)
62.06 Nova Centauri: A Nova With a Leaky Shell
J. J. Johnson, T. E. Harrison, H. Osborne (New Mexico State Univ.), D. M. Gelino (UCSD), W. Liller (Vina del Mar, Chile)
62.07 FUSE Observations of the Bright, Eclipsing, Novalike Cataclysmic Variable, UX UMa
C. S. Froning, K. S. Long (Space Telescope Science Institute), C. Knigge (Southampton University)
62.08 Toward a More Sophisticated Prescription for the Common Envelope Phase in Population Synthesis Calculations of Cataclysmic Variables
M. Politano (Ariz. St. Univ.)
62.09 Observations of Infrared Ellipsoidal Variations in Cataclysmic Variables: Determining Orbital Inclinations
T. E. Harrison, H. Osborne, J. J. Johnson (NMSU), S. B. Howell (PSI), D. M. Gelino (UCSD)
62.10 The Effect of New Nuclear Reaction Rates on Simulations of the Nova Outburst
S. Starrfield (ASU), C. Iliadis (UNC), J. W. Truran (Chicago), M. Wiescher (Notre Dame), W. M. Sparks (LANL)
62.11 The Origin of Soft X-rays in DQ Herculis
K. Mukai, M. Still (NASA/GSFC and USRA), F. Ringwald (California State University, Fresno)
62.12 Long-term Light Curves of Cataclysmic Variables from ROTSE-I
K.E. McGowan (LANL), C. Akerlof, S. Amrose (University of Michigan), D. Casperson, G. Gisler (LANL), R. Kehoe, B. Lee (University of Michigan), S. Marshall (LLNL), T. McKay (University of Michigan), W. Priedhorsky (LANL), E. Rykoff, D. A. Smith (University of Michigan), W.T. Vestrand, P. Wozniak, J. Wren (LANL)
62.13 Initiation of Convection in a Classical Nova Precursor
L. J. Dursi, A. C. Calder, P. M. Ricker, J. W. Truran (U. Chicago), M. Zingale (U. C. Santa Cruz), B. Fryxell (U. Chicago), K Olson (NASA), R. Rosner, F. X. Timmes (U. Chicago), H. Tufo (Argonne National Labs), P. MacNeice (NASA)
62.14 Photometric Evidence for a Disc-Jet Connection in CH Cygni
J. L. Sokoloski, S. J. Kenyon (Harvard-Smithsonian, CfA)
62.15 Accretional Heating by Periodic Dwarf Nova Outburst Events
P Godon, E M Sion (Villanova University)

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